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Labmundo director will give a course on climate change at IESP/UERJ IN 2020/1

In the semester 2020/1, the coordinator of Labmundo will teach a course on Climate Change in the postgraduate Political Science of Iesp / UERJ, in cooperation with prof. José Mauricio Domingues. The discipline will take place on Tuesdays between 16h and 19h.

Teaching internship opportunity in UERJ elective “Environment and International Relations”

We disclose here the teaching plan of the discipline of “Environment and International Relations” (undergraduate / UERJ), for which the coordinator of Labmundo, prof. Carlos Milani, seeks two teaching interns.

Labmundo researcher publishes report on challenges to women in field research in other countries

Political scientist Renata Albuquerque, LABMUNDO researcher, recently published in Horizontes do Sul a text on the challenges to women in field research in other countries.