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LABMUNDO Cartography Studio

The LABMUNDO Cartography Studio was conceived within the scope of the research project Thematic cartography of Brazilian foreign policy (FAPERJ-Edital Humanidades 2013- 2015, CNPq Edital Universal 2013-1), enabled thanks to academic cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po). The first work published as a result of the project was the Atlas of Brazilian Foreign Policy, published in Portuguese, Spanish and English. In the first year after its release, the publication totalled more than 27,000 downloads worldwide. The Atlas of Brazilian Defence Policy was the second effort of this nature, produced in cooperation with the South American Political Observatory (OPSA), coordinated by Prof. Maria Regina Soares de Lima.

In addition to the atlases, the Cartography Studio also participates in projects with other institutions in Brazil and worldwide. Noteworthy is the partnership with the Brazilian Centre for International Relations (CEBRI) to produce images for a Policy Brief presented at T20, as well as a specific map library on environmental issues hosted by the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change (OIMC). Our Studio team has also collaborated on projects led by the Research Group on International Relations and the Global South (GRISUL), such as the booklets Ubuntu: Knowing Africa and Pacha: Defending the Earth. In addition, it contributes to the individual research of LABMUNDO members, producing images or providing consultancy for their production.

In 2024, the Studio continues to be in constant production, preparing a new edition of the Atlas of Brazilian Foreign Policy and a new atlas focussed on Climate Change and Ecosocial Transitions.

Original Publications

Publications with Labmundo Studio colaboration