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LABMUNDO researcher attends the June UN Climate Change Meetings

In June 2024, labmundan researcher Beatriz Triani had the opportunity to attend the UN June Meetings on Climate Change, held between the 3rd and 13th in Bonn (Germany). Representing the Interdisciplinary Observatory on Climate Change  (OIMC), the International Youth Observatory (OIJ) and PerifaLab, the master’s student in Political Science at IESP-UERJ took part in various activities related to the event. Among them, it is worth highlighting her participation in the programme The Climate Hub, produced by the We Don’t Have Time platform, presenting her perspective as a climate researcher and activist.

Watch the full programme:

Based on the many mandates that emerged and the results of COP28, the June UN Climate Change Meetings – formally called the 60th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies (SB60) – aimed to drive progress on important issues and prepare the decisions to be taken at the next UN Climate Change Conference (COP29), to be held in November 2024 in Baku (Azerbaijan).