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CoVida Network Webinar: Cidacs ; Fiocruz; Labmundo ; UFBA

Covid-19: Geopolitics of Vaccines:

The distribution and inoculation of vaccines against Covid-19 has exposed a serious human rights problem: according to the WHO, 75% of the doses of immunizing agents are concentrated in just 10 countries, and the amount produced to date would have vaccinated all the elderly and health professionals in the world, the two categories that died the most in the pandemic.

In this scenario, the pressure to break patents as a solution to this problem in the long term has increased, as well as questions about the role of the WHO and the Covax/Facility mechanism in reducing these inequalities, which aims to ensure a more equitable distribution of vaccines in the world.

Speakers: Luis Eugênio de Souza (CoVida Network), Juan Garay Amores (ENS Madrid), Cláudia Chamas (CDTS – FIOCRUZ), Osvaldo Barreto Filho (Labmundo/UFBA). Mediation: Elsa Sousa Kraychete (Labmundo/UFBA).