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Labmundan delegation attends IPSA-AISP World Congress of Political Science in Buenos Aires

From 15 to 19 July 2023, the LABMUNDO team had the opportunity to gather in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to present their scientific production to an international audience, at the 27th World Congress of Political Science of the International Political Science Association (IPSA-AISP). The Laboratory was represented by eight researchers, taking part in seven sessions of the event.

On the 16th, our coordinator Rubens de S. Duarte participated with researcher Kethlyn Gabi Winter in the panel “Novos rumos para uma nova política externa brasileira“, presenting their article National Congress and Foreign Policy: The Case of the US-Brazil Technological Safeguards Agreement. Afterwards, Prof Duarte presented Climate Change and Brazilian Army’s Military Education, a paper co-authored with Juvencio Vasconcelos Lobo (PPGCM-ECEME), in the session “The States Policies Performance on Extractive Regulation in Latin American Systems”.

On Monday the 17th, the congress programme featured three sessions with Labmundan presence. Our coordinator, Prof. Carlos R. S. Milani, led the panel “Climate Denial and the Politics of Obstruction in Latin America“, in which the paper Climate Change, Denial and Politics of Obstruction in Brazil: Building Conceptual and Empirical Blocks, signed by Janaína Bezerra Pinto and co-authored by Arthur Facini and Prof. Milani himself, was presented. Researchers  Murilo Gomes da Costa and Hugo Bras Martins discussed their paper South Nation-States Grand Strategies: A Theoretical and Methodological Discussion, in the virtual panel “The Future of (Remote) Work Policies, Technologies and Geographies in a New World Order“. In that afternoon, Hugo Bras returned to present his paper The Role of Legislative Power in Troop Deployment to Peacekeeping Operations: An Analysis of the Brazilian Case in the panel “International Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding“.

The following day, researcher Leandro Dias Conde took part in the panel “International Relations and a New World Order“, with the presentation Humiliate to Conquer: The Role of Humiliation Politics in the Proliferation of Minilateralism in the Face of the Dismantling of the Multilateral System. Finally, on Wednesday 19/7, Prof. Rubens Duarte concluded this series of labmundan presentations with his third participation in the World Congress, presenting his article Climate Change and Brazilian Defence Documents in the panel “Issues in Latin American Civil-Military Relations“.