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LABMUNDO International Researcher appointed Vice-Provost of the Púnguè University, Mozambique

LABMUNDO received with pride the news that the international researcher from our laboratory Pedro Madeira Guiliche was appointed by the Presidency of the Republic of Mozambique to the position of Vice-Provost of the Púnguè University. PhD in Political Science from the Institute of Social and Political Studies (IESP-UERJ), with a thesis supervised by our coordinator Prof. Carlos R.S. Milani, Prof. Guiliche was elected to the position by the institution’s University Council in April. Teacher of Political Science and Public Management, he specializes in studies related to the effects of International Cooperation for Development on governance in Mozambique, with a focus on the work of the World Bank in the field of African Higher Education.

We congratulate our fellow labmundano on his achievement, and wish him an excellent administration!