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Labmundo researchers actively participate in the 12th Meeting of the Brazilian Political Science Association

Danielle Costa da Silva launched her book, Human rights, Brazilian foreign policy and NGOs: democratizing the agenda, in addition to presenting her paper entitled The contribution of perspectives from the South to the universal conception of human rights in the international arena: conflict or complementarity? in the International Politics thematic area. Tiago Nery presented his work Brazilian foreign policy and domestic coalitions: from disagreements about international and regional insertion to the recent rupture (1994-2018) in the Foreign Policy thematic area. In the same thematic area, Juliana Luiz, Rubens de S. Duarte and Carlos R. S. Milani presented the paper Foreign policy of the Bolsonaro administration: the non-democratic dimension of a public policy. Carlos R. S. Milani also coordinated and participated in the round table entitled Comparing Foreign Policies in the Global South, with the participation of Feliciano de Sá Guimarães (USP), Cameron Thies (Arizona State University) and Maria Regina Soares de Lima (IESP-UERJ). The coordinator of LABMUNDO also discussed papers presented in the sixth session of the Foreign Policy thematic area.