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UCol publishes new book co-organised by LABMUNDO coordinator

The Universidad de Colima Publishing House (Mexico) is releasing Cooperación internacional para el desarrollo: Los casos de China, Japón y Corea del Sur, a collection of academic texts organised by Prof. Carlos R. S. Milani, LABMUNDO coordinator, along with María Elena Romero Ortiz (FCPyS-UCol) and Raquel Isamara León de la Rosa (BUAP). Among the seven articles by authors of different nationalities in the book, Prof Milani and LABMUNDO researcher Ticiana Amaral (IESP-UERJ) co-signed the chapter Climate change, ecological civilisation and China’s international projection: International development cooperation and the promise of a transition to a low-carbon economy.

The volume reviews and analyses the activities of three International Development Cooperation providers: China, Japan and South Korea – each with unique development characteristics and cooperation strategies. It offers an insight into the cooperation practices of these dynamic countries, understanding the context in which they began their cooperation practices and how they progressed in institutionalising their principles and strategies. China, Japan and South Korea are the main players in the Asia-Pacific region and have allocated significant sums not only to their own region, but also to the growing needs of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Those interested in this subject will learn about the trajectory of these cooperating donors and understand how they have contributed to building development models based on their own experiences.

Learn more and access the full digital publication at the UCol website.