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Labmundo establishes a new partnership with Sciences Po Paris Cartography studio

The partnership between the two institutions began in 2009, when Brazil celebrated the year of France. The translation of the Atlas of Globalization into Portuguese by a team coordinated by Professor Carlos R. S. Milani (by then associated to UFBA) can be considered as the founding milestone of this partnership, which has grown with a series of seminars and other events over the years. From 2012 on the dialogue moved towards the creation of the Cartography Workshop of LABMUNDO, already at IESP-UERJ. In December 2014, this partnership process culminated in the publication by LABMUNDO researchers of the Atlas of Brazilian Foreign Policy, by EdUERJ and CLACSO, in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. In addition, such a cooperation with Sciences Po Paris has paved the way for the publication in 2017 of the Atlas of Brazilian Defense Policy, a joint work of LABMUNDO with the South American Political Observatory.

Aiming at even more ambitious projects in a near future, LABMUNDO and Sciences Po Paris signed in December 2018 a new cooperation agreement. The images produced by LABMUNDO will be available in the Virtual Map Library of Sciences Po ( Therefore, the images produced by LABMUNDO will integrate an international scientific base of maps, graphs and matrices, next to the images made by the Atelier responsible for the Atlas de l’Espace Mondial. Also under the agreement, the Khartis system ( will be translated into Portuguese.

In addition to translating and disseminating images, this cooperation agreement presents the opportunity for researchers to further develop their skills and opens doors for future projects.