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Labmundo researcher launches his book in Rio de Janeiro

The book, entitled “Brazilian and Chinese foreign policies for Guinea-Bissau in a comparative approach (1974-2014)”, published by Gramma Editora.

Carlos R. S. Milani’s speech at Saint-Laurent Forum on International Security was cited by gaïdz’s article in Le Monde

Journalist Gaidz Minassian from Le Monde newspaper published an article on 15 May 2018 on the de-Westernization of the world in which he quotes Carlos R. S. Milani, based on

Carlos Milani participated at the Saint-Laurent Forum on International Security

Carlos R. S. Milani participated, on the 3rd and 4th of May, in the Saint-Laurent Forum on International Security. The Forum, created in 2015, this year celebrated its fourth edition,

Labmundo first contribution for “IESP nas Eleições” project

O LABMUNDO participa do projeto IESP nas eleições e, nesta semana, seu coordenador, Carlos R. S. Milani, gravou um vídeo sobre a importância do debate público sobre política externa durante