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Course Geopolitics: new theoretical and methodological perspectives

Latitude Sul’s plataform and Netsal will offer the course “Geopolitics: New Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives”. The course will be taught by Professor Heriberto Cairo of the Faculty of “Facultad de

Labmundo researcher participates at a round table in Rede Minas

Magno Klein, Labmundo’s Researcher participated at a round table, that interviewed the economist Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr, during last edition of the show “Voz Ativa” of “Rede Minas”.

Labmundo’s researcher receives a travel grant to participate in the 25th World Congress of Political Science, in Australia

Patrícia Barros, Labmundo’s Researcher and Political Science Master’s student at IESP-UERJ, was one of the 30 IPSA travel grant recipients at the 25th World Congress of Political Science in Brisbane, Australia.

Researchers from IESP-UERJ’s graduate program in political science received an important award from the Brazilian association of political science

Carlos R. S. Milani (coordinator of LABMUNDO), Leticia Pinheiro and Maria Regina Soares de Lima, all of them professors of Rio de Janeiro State University’s Institute for Social and Political

Labmundo’s researcher at Al Jazeera

Magno Klein, a member of Labmundo and professor at Unilab/BA, was interviewed by the Al Jazeera network about the Brazilian participation in the BRICS Forum.

Labmundo’s Executive Report – 2016/2017

We’re glad to announce our new Executive report, covering our activities from 2016 to 2017. Our executive reports sum up information on our academic production, including individual articles and collective books, aside from seminars set up by LABMUNDO.